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Big fire in a big fireplace

Pour yourself a hot drink and get comfortable.

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So wrong about dodging

Multiple sorties of F-bombs were launched and replenished.

This is Part 2. Part 1 is here.

Outside, a dozen kids between the ages of fifteen and eighteen returned every...

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Zero Shoulder Bumps

We formed a loose circle in the middle of the bar.

This is Part 1. Part 2 is here.

No one jostled us as they laughed with their friends or called out to the waitress. We dr...

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The Four-Pointer

In the fall of 2018, we took our son to France.

We began in Strasbourg, a magnificent city in Alsace. I decided it was a good time to introduce Francis to the Tally Machine. Th...

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A smiling Francis and me, sitting outside in front of some shrubs

Some basics

A brief biographical sketch

Me on top of a sunny Mt Pilatus in Switzerland, with mountains in the background


Pardon the saccharine and the obvious, but travel is everything

A couple standing in front of a large Gothic church, on a bridge over the Seine


France deserves its own section

Francis, as a two year-old in a car seat, in sunglasses reading a French picture book


The bullshit of daily life? I'd rather read.

Stage with musicians going at it—they're Gogol Bordello, and they're crazy


Let me take you back

Little boy sitting on a big white bed, looking at a tablet


I watch a lot more television than movies

Live action from a soccer game at Crew Stadium—yellow versus blue


The only sport that matters

Ugly photo of a pig knuckle after it's been eaten—really, it looks horrible


As a travel writer, I have to talk about food

Me in an outdoor restaurant drinking from a green coconut with a long straw

Dumb stuff

You will not feel smarter after reading this

Dumpster full of garbage


Trying to live simply

Me getting out of a red Ferrari F430 with a guy clapping for me

Other Interests

I've only driven a Ferrari once

Dude wearing orange pants and orange and green shoes walking on wet grass

Get off my lawn

A few brief rants

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