Privacy Matters

Short and sweet

Fancy interior with couches, chandelier, statues, etc

The Beehive House, home and office of Brigham Young. September 2019

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Your information

The only data of yours that I might have: your name and email address.

I'll never sell them unless someone offers me a shit-ton of money to do so, causing me to get out of the game altogether. (Quantifying a "shit-ton" is like how Justice Potter Stewart described obscenity: "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it.")

If that day ever arrives (it won't), I'll warn you first so you can remove your name if so inclined. In the meantime, I won't rent out or sell your information to anyone for any reason. There are no asterisks around that. I hate when companies do it to me; I won't do it to you.


I track where you go on the site for analytics purposes, but I don't know that it's you going from page to page - although Google might. Fortunately, you can take it up with them.

Once you leave the site, I have no idea where you go or what you do. It doesn't interest me and it's none of my business.



A smiling Francis and me, sitting outside in front of some shrubs

Some basics

A brief biographical sketch

Me on top of a sunny Mt Pilatus in Switzerland, with mountains in the background


Pardon the saccharine and the obvious, but travel is everything

A couple standing in front of a large Gothic church, on a bridge over the Seine


France deserves its own section

Francis, as a two year-old in a car seat, in sunglasses reading a French picture book


The bullshit of daily life? I'd rather read.

Stage with musicians going at it - they're Gogol Bordello, and they're crazy


Let me take you back

Little boy sitting on a big white bed, looking at a tablet


I watch a lot more television than movies

Live action from a soccer game at Crew Stadium - yellow versus blue


The only sport that matters

Ugly photo of a pig knuckle after it's been eaten - really, it looks horrible


As a travel writer, I have to talk about food

Me in an outdoor restaurant drinking from a green coconut with a long straw

Dumb stuff

You will not feel smarter after reading this

Dumpster full of garbage


Trying to live simply

Me getting out of a red Ferrari F430 with a guy clapping for me

Other Interests

I've only driven a Ferrari once

Dude wearing orange pants and orange and green shoes walking on wet grass

Get off my lawn

A few brief rants

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