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Exactly what it sounds like

Me getting out of a red Ferrari F430 with a guy clapping beside me

Ferrari F430 Agility Course, Columbus, OH, May 2016

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Time with my family

Of course.

I also spend time just with Francis every day.

Smiling Francis being pulled in a wagon

Francis at his first birthday party, my farmer's tan made an appearance, Jul 2017

Gina seated on the ground, yelling, while Francis stands over her and yells—both being goofy, not mad

Going a little stir-crazy under coronavirus stay-at-home orders. Mar 2020


We walk four miles every day with Francis in his stroller. It's good exercise, it's easy on the joints, it's a chance for Gina and me to catch up, and it clears the mind.

We walk twelve months out of the year. We only stay in during storms, or if the temperature is extreme.


At the tender age of 44, I started playing the drums.

For years, I took lessons at the illustrious Columbus Pro Percussion with local legend Steve Dodge. He taught me how to read music and understand time signatures, introduced me to the rudiments, and got me started on the swing beat and limb independence.

I play simply and with power, and I'm pretty good at keeping time. And that's about where my talent stops.

I'll die on that hill—from boredom.

Regardless, I love to play. I'm even in a band. We're on pause right now for complicated reasons, but thankfully not because of artistic differences. We'll be back soon, I hope. I think...?


I have pleasant memories of spending time at a gun club in the hills of southern Ohio with my family.

We shot pistols, shotguns, and colonial muskets. I blew up cans, targets, and realtor signs. And I was a highly skilled button pusher. When my uncle, grandmother, or father said, "Pull," I could launch those clays like a professional.

I inherited my grandmother's shotgun—yes, my grandmother's shotgun. I also have a pistol. Gina and I enjoy shooting. It's fun, and we want protection for our family.

A half-assembled cherry red drum set, with pieces strewn all over the floor

My first drum set, a Gretsch Catalina Maple. Sep 2013

Me at a stand, shooting clays with a shotgun

My first vacation with Gina: the Adrenaline Tour. Oct 2010

I don't support an absolutist interpretation of the Second Amendment, however. A reasonable application of conservatives' preferred legal philosophies doesn't appear to, either.

Antonin Scalia had to wiggle free of his beloved originalism to achieve what the NRA wanted in District of Columbia v Heller. A textualist reading of the Second Amendment could be even more problematic: the text mentions "a well regulated Militia." Would a strict textualist acting in good faith de-couple the right to bear arms from participation in the militia like Heller does? No. Probably not.

Unfortunately, when it comes to trying to have a discussion with the 2A crowd about the interpretations above, or reasonable gun control in any form, I'll die on that hill—from boredom. Like so many highly charged subjects nowadays, it's just not worth talking about.


  • I have a postcard collection. Like...thousands of postcards. I'd put them online if it were easy.
  • I love euchre and I'm pretty good at it.
  • Gina and I are firm believers in rescue pets. All of our dogs and cats have been rescues.

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A smiling Francis and me, sitting outside in front of some shrubs

Some basics

A brief biographical sketch

Me on top of a sunny Mt Pilatus in Switzerland, with mountains in the background


Pardon the saccharine and the obvious, but travel is everything

A couple standing in front of a large Gothic church, on a bridge over the Seine


France deserves its own section

Francis, as a two year-old in a car seat, in sunglasses reading a French picture book


The bullshit of daily life? I'd rather read.

Stage with musicians going at it—they're Gogol Bordello, and they're crazy


Let me take you back

Little boy sitting on a big white bed, looking at a tablet


I watch a lot more television than movies

Live action from a soccer game at Crew Stadium—yellow versus blue


The only sport that matters

Ugly photo of a pig knuckle after it's been eaten—really, it looks horrible


As a travel writer, I have to talk about food

Me in an outdoor restaurant drinking from a green coconut with a long straw

Dumb stuff

You will not feel smarter after reading this

Dumpster full of garbage


Trying to live simply

Me getting out of a red Ferrari F430 with a guy clapping for me

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I've only driven a Ferrari once

Dude wearing orange pants and orange and green shoes walking on wet grass

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