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Watching Fireman Sam, Lyon, France, November 2018

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I haven't seen it lately.

For years, though (mostly during the late 00s), I read that we were hitting Peak TV, a time when the number of shows will finally start to drop.

We're not there yet.

Marlin Fitzwater flatly called him an idiot after a short and uncomfortable interview.

The Pantheon

The best of the best. My Hall of Legends. Not in order:

  • Six Feet Under. Perfect. Fascinating characters, especially the women.
  • Halt and Catch Fire. "The computer isn't the thing, it's the thing that gets us to the thing." A thousand times yes. Lee Pace was astonishing.
  • Banshee. I didn't know how well lightning + metaphorical crack cocaine + artful TV could go together. A tremendous show.
  • Mad Men. Sometimes slow, but so good most of the time.
  • Da Ali G Show. Marlin Fitzwater flatly called him an idiot after a short and uncomfortable interview. Genius.
  • The Wire. Brilliant in every way. Even Season 2, which I loved.
  • Breaking Bad. I didn't know how well lightning + actual crystal meth + artful TV could go together. Oh, and I liked Skyler.
  • The Leftovers. Season 2 was arguably the most perfect season of TV ever, climaxing at Episode 8, "International Assassin."
  • The Office (UK and USA). Nothing to say other than they were fantastic, hilarious shows.
  • The Shield What would Vic Mackey do? Turns out, anything. Addictive and just a little bit different.
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People. The BBC miniseries with Sir Alec Guinness as George Smiley. I loved the novels and I watch these series every couple of years. They're magnificent.
Francis and I in an easy chair, looking at something out of the picture

Watching German fire trucks answering calls on YouTube. Jun 2019

Unless they pull a House of Cards, Game of Thrones, or Penny Dreadful, (ie, complete derailment), these shows may enter the Hall of Legends when they're over:

  • Billions. Dick-swinging is usually boring. Not here.
  • Engrenages (Spiral). In France, both cops and criminals love this show.
  • Better Call Saul. Better Call Breaking Bad: I like this even more.
  • Fleabag. Just enough neurosis. She's a riot. She only wanted to do two seasons?!?
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm. Anger at the little things, plus Susie and Leon. My kind of show.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Pure fucked-up brilliance.
  • Le bureau des légendes (The Bureau). Might be the show most perfectly suited for me, specifically, ever. Phenomenal.
  • Barry. The only problem with S2 E5, "ronny/lily," was the dearth of Noho Hank. Other than that, I could watch the episode every week or so.
  • Archer. A few weak seasons, but the hardest I have ever laughed in my life has been when they caught me by surprise with a good line.
  • Black Mirror. When it's on - which is most of the time - it's brilliant, sad, and scary.
  • Ozark. After every episode, I'm grateful for my normal life and relationships.

After every episode, I'm grateful for my normal life and relationships.


Shows I'm looking forward to watching someday soon:

  • Atlanta
  • The Handmaid's Tale
  • BoJack Horseman
  • The Chi Season 3 is unwatchable
  • Mr Robot
  • The Good Place I started this in June of 2021 and was on the fence, but then S1 E9, ...Someone Like Me As a Member (where they bargain to bring Eleanor to the Bad Place), was so embarrassingly terrible that I stopped watching the series.
Francis sitting on the floor, watching TV

Francis watching Bob the Builder. May 2019

Gina anf Francis at a table in an empty, gilded department store

Lunch at the Arcade, Cleveland, OH. Not TV, I just like the picture. Dec 2019


These shows are good - even very good - I just don't think they're awe-inspiring - and I'm in the minority:

  • The Crown. Honestly, not much happens - but they make it look fascinating.
  • Russian Doll. Good show, but I liked Run Lola, Run better.
  • Altered Carbon. Interesting idea. I enjoy the show, but it has a gimmicky feel.

Ended too soon

This list is about bad numbers or dumb network executives or, in the last case, simple tragedy:

  • Deadwood. Stopped right in the middle of the arc. The movie didn't make things better.
  • Marco Polo. I loved this show. Did someone get greedy? What happened?
  • Watchmen. WTF? You're just going to stop?
  • Au service de la France. This show was hilarious if you know how France and the French were in the 50s and 60s. Actually, through the 90s. Actually - maybe still?
  • Patriot. It's criminal that this brilliant show never saw Season 3. Criminal.
  • Parts Unknown. I think of Bourdain and I cry. His death was deeply personal for me.

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